Riverclack Roof Covering System

Riverclack Roof Covering System

The system is used on the roofs with the minimum slope of 0.5 %. Superior system in comparison with the other coverings used on flat roofs and roofs with a slope.

Material: the roof covering is made of the special aluminum alloy, or other materials such as plastic coated steel, stainless steel and copper.


  • fully waterproof
  • mounting does not require drilling, i.e. perforation of the roof covering
  • firmness and durability of the roof covering due to the special tin alloy which makes the roof as durable as the building
  • passability – the roof is passable, which is of greatest importance for flat roofs
  • simple mounting - it enables quick mounting and more efficient pace of construction
  • durability to high and low temperatures – it enables tin to slide over polyamide anchor bolts
  • possibility of bending – radius of 4.00 m and more
  • lower cost – the total cost of the implementation of this system is lower compared to other systems, considering the performances and durability



All the tests were performed for the aluminium sheets d=0.7mm. Unlike the other roof coverings, this system is certified and applicable to flat roofs, especially because it is the most convenient for waterproofing coverings, which are widely used nowadays. The system was certified at the German institute Deutsche Institut fur Bautechnik and the Italian institute ITC – Instituto per le tehnologie della costruzione for passability, waterproofness and wind effect.

Drain Joint


This revolutionary patented system truly provides waterproofness of the surface. Notch joints are characterized by their cone shape and drain channel which comprise a raised pipeline section in proportion with the rise of the water level , which leads water to the main notch easily.


Flooded roof remains waterproof



The testing was performed by simulating wind and rain on the surface of 80 m2 of the Riverclack® plate 0.7 mm thick. They were exposed to the simulation of extreme weather conditions with a fan of the 120 kph air circulation reproduction and a set of sprinklers at 20 cm intervals, which produce 150 mm/c of rainfall.


Completely resistant to walking


Load testing was carried out on Riverclack® aluminium plates 0.7 mm thick, using rubber coated pistons designed to simulate human walking. Both the dynamic and static-dynamic tests showed high performances of the product.Riverclack® roof system is completely passable.



The plates not smaller than 4 metres can be bent, with a shorter bending radius, by using a calendering machine.