roofing, façade panelling, as well as necessary tinsmith and constructions works

Our company specializes in performing roofing and tinsmith work as well as façade panelling.

We are ready to offer solutions for important details in performing the works as well as the choice of high quality roof coverings and façade panels.

Roofing Works


Our team of engineers is dedicated to giving solutions for all the roofing details in order to provide a safe, functional and durable roof covering. A safe roof comprises high quality thermal insulation, roof ventilation and the optimal choice of the finishing roof covering material depending on the purpose of the building and the area surrounding the construction site.

Covering of:

  • industrial buildings
  • commercial buildings
  • residential buildings

Facade panelling


With our considerable experience in mounting façade panels, we are ready to offer the optimal solutions for the substructure, which represents one of the most important elements of the facade.

We offer solutions concerning accurately defined tinsmith flashing of openings, penetrations and corners of the facade.


  • Kingspan panels
  • Liberta
  • Faseti
  • Riverclack
  • Metal sheet profiles

Tinsmith works


Within our tinsmith works, we offer solutions for all kinds of tinsmith flashing performed with plastic-coated steel sheets, copper sheets, stainless steel sheets, titanium-zinc sheets etc.

We use state-of-the-art equipment to perform the flat metal sheet roofing with a double standing seam system, which enables accurate performance of the roof segments of arched roofs and arched linings, according to details that we define in accordance with our company’s quality standards.


Construction works


We perform small-scale carpentry, masonry, housepainting and other construction works, which usually accompany our main line of business.


Sheetmetal work


We make small steel substructures, all the roof and façade substructures, staircase and balcony railings and all the accompanying sheetmetal elements in our workshops. We also perform black iron metal works as well as cutting and bending of metal sheets up to 6 mm thick and 3 m long.